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So last Tuesday we had our first Digital critique night of the year.
Although somewhat thrown in at the deep-end , Brian I think done a good job of explaining how to enhance the images that were given in to him by members and I hope everyone was able to take something positive away from the evening and so thanks to Brian for stepping into the breach! Also remember that Brian has offered to help anyone who has questions on their editing process so don’t be afraid to run your questions past him or any of our members for that matter. Afterall, we are all in the club to learn from each other!

Now next Tuesday we are having our first camera tech night of the year and so usually at this point I put a shout out to all of our members to let everyone have a chance to find out what they want to know about their camera or equipment.  With that in mind, if anyone has a question , can you please send it on to me as soon as you can so that we can have a list of items to go through on the night and hopefully everyone will go home a little wiser!
Whether your Canon or Nikon, there will be someone in the club who will know the answer to what you want to know and so I would ask you to bring along your camera next week so that we can show you on your own kit , what you need to know . Don’t forget that just because we do camera tech nights , this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your camera along any other night. Members are free to bring their gear with them any night and at the end of the meeting you can locate a club member who might be able to help with your questions or at very least direct you to someone who can.

Last up is a little bit that the club would like to do for charity and as the month of November is almost upon us, a few members of the club have taken it upon themselves ( myself included ) to take part in the annual Movember event that will see us make total fools of ourselves by growing  a Moustache!! Slowly but surely , Tuesdays meetings in November will start to resemble a gathering of the cast of Damo and Ivor!! We are looking to recruit a few more so if you’re up for the challenge and want to raise cash for a very worthy cause, you can sign up here:


You can also sponsor the existing team by clicking the same link!

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